Jennifer Smiley

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  • Posted 01 January, 2018
Jennifer Smiley

Jenny had been studying Pilates for years, but didn’t fully recognize its extraordinary healing
abilities until she began working with a female patient who had suffered a terrible fall. The injury
was so severe the patient required brain surgery, which left her so weak she could barely walk.
With Jenny by her side, the patient began a customized Pilates regimen that focused on
restoring balance, strength and a reconnecting of the mind and body. Before long, she was on a
rehabilitative path back to recovery. “Her neurologist was shocked,” Jenny recalls. “The patient
went from not being able to move to lifting and balancing her leg.” For Jenny, the experience
was a turning point. “It made me realize Pilates can do wonders for people of any age.” And not
just for women. Says Jenny, “I had a male patient with major knee injury that left it filled with
liquid. After a few months of Pilates rehabilitation, the swelling went down and the knee healed.
We were able to get him back where he wanted to be: on the golf course.” Jenny, a certified,
classically trained Pilates instructor with over eight years of experience, is dedicated to helping
patients recover from injury, pain, tightness, misalignment and emotional upset through
therapeutic Pilates.

Jennifer’s interest in harmonious movement of the body began at age 11, when she started
taking ballet lessons. It allowed her the opportunity to stud y movement, alignment and body
strength which has then provided her with an understanding of how the mind and body connect for
efficient , balanced movement. Jennifer auditioned and was accepted for the dance program at the
University of New Mexico in 2007. Before graduating, She danced professionally for Festival Ballet and
performed in the well known spectacular “Hannibal,” set in the Alps of Austria. After Jennifer move d to
New York City, in hopes of an opportunity to dance professionally, during which she has gone
through intense dance and other forms of physical training. Combining her extensive
experience in dance and pilates training, Jennifer found a new passion for healing the body through
movement .

Dr. Yanai also points out her outstanding strength of making individual rehab plans through pilates
focusing on patients’ specific goals, personalities, and movement patterns. Dr Yanai also recognizes her
exceptional abilities to not only strengthen targeted muscles, but also and often more importantly in
NYC areas, to help patients relax their body and mind through exercises.
Conditions and Injuries Jennifer has treated with extreme success include:

Orthopedic and Sports Injuries

● Tendonitis
● Muscle Spasms
● Bursitis
● Sprains and Strains
● Shoulder Impingement
● Post ACL/MCL Tears
● SLAP Tears
● Knee Injuries
● Shoulder Injuries
● Hip and Sacroiliac Joint Injuries


Musculoskeletal and Neuromuscular Conditions

● Degenerative Disc Disease
● Herniated Discs
● Parkinson’s
● MS
● Osteoporosis
● Pinched Nerves
● Sciatica
● Pelvic Floor Pain and Disorders
● Muscle Weakness and Instability
● Back and Neck Pain
● Migraines
● Post-Operative Rehabilitation

After consulting with Dr. Yanai to determine the source of a patient’s distress, Jenny will tailor a
regimen that specifically addresses his or her needs. At Directions, which offers three of the
major Pilates apparatus – Chair, Reformer and Mat Tower – Jenny